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About the project

The HELIS project will be addressing issues connected with the stability of the lithium anode during cycling, engineering of the complete cell and questions about LSB cell implementation into commercial products (ageing, safety, recycling and battery packs).

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Deliverables and publications

The public deliverables and scientific publications covered by “open access” are downloadable from this website. The publications derive directly from the outputs of the project.

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The consortium involves a joint collaboration with multi-disciplinary and complementary experts coming from 14 partners and 7 different countries: Slovenia, France, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Spain and Israel.

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News & Events

The calendar that presents future and past events (project meeting, organised workshops and clustering) is provided here as well as the list of conferences and special sessions during which the project is presented.

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Work packages breakdown

The work defined within this project is divided into several work packages and bundled into three major activities: (i) coordination, management and dissemination; (ii) Li-S cell materials development, scale up and modelling, and (iii) cell and battery pack characterisation.

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Media Centre

The project factsheets with presented posters and unscientific articles can be found in this section.


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