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IREC is a research institution founded in 2009 under the trust of different governmental and private organisations which include the Departments of Economy, Industry and Innovation of the Catalan Government, the Spanish Ministries of Industry and Science and Innovation and leading companies in the energy management and distribution sectors in Spain such as Endesa, Gas Natural Fenosa, Repsol, CLH, Enagas and Alsthom. IREC is aimed to constitute the centre of reference in Catalonia in research and technological development in the field of energy.

IREC is a member of the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for Sustainable Energy recently designated by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Two areas IREC will be involved in are the area of energy efficiency and the area of advanced materials for energy. The first one will contribute with the expertise on test and management of storage systems and the second one will bring the expertise and skill in electrochemical energy storage systems concerning new advanced electrodes, electrolytes and membranes and their assessment, looking for solutions of the present challenges and overcoming the difficulties for the technological advancements oriented to less degradation and improved life time of batteries. IREC is paying special interest and effort on battery assessment and management methodologies as well as in battery component developments.

Contact person: Dr. Joan Ramón Morante

Link: http://www.irec.cat/


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