01 Kemijski institut
NIC, in Ljubljana, Slovenia has close to 300 employees of which around 250 carry out research work in 17 laboratories and two infrastructure centres; 130 of these have doctorates of science degrees. Basic and applied research are oriented towards fields which are of long-term importance to both Slovenia and the EU: biotechnology, environmental protection, structural and theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials research, and chemical engineering through which the Institute is in line with the needs of the domestic and international chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The Institute offers high-level research equipment (among which are a 600 MHz NMR spectrometer and an Atomic Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (AR-STEM)), allowing researchers to engage in even the most cutting edge research challenges at a global level.

Contact person: Dr. Robert Dominko

Link: http://www.ki.si/


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