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Picosun is a leading manufacturer of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment for various kinds of micro- and nanotechnology applications. The company provides versatile, reliable and user-friendly ALD tools and world leading process quality with four decades of pioneering experience in this field. Picosun headquarters is located in Espoo, Finland, and the company has branch offices in USA, Singapore, Taiwan and China. Picosun has a world-wide sales and support organization. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD systems are in daily use in numerous frontline industries around the globe. Picosun is a highly R&D -oriented company which does continuous development of ALD thin film systems for different applications. It has actively taken part in successful collaborative projects both at national and international level.

ALD technique is used to deposit conformal thin film structures with accurate thickness control for thin film-based device applications, for example. ALD is based on sequential self-limiting surface reactions which enable accurate control of thin film growth on monolayer or sub-monolayer level. ALD is especially effective in applications where different kinds of barrier and protective thin films solutions are needed on either flat or 3D surfaces. It is also of great interest in advanced applications that benefit of control of thin film structure on nanometer or sub-nanometer scale.


Contact person: Dr. Riina Ritasalo

Link: http://www.picosun.com/en/home/


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