D 2.1 Definition of the starting chemical environment pdfAttachment (338 Kb)


D 6.1 Databases on electrolyte modelling pdfAttachment (147 Kb)


D 6.2  Databases on interfacial electrochemistry modelling pdfAttachment (2.5 Mb)


D 6.3 Databases from the modelling and engineering of the composite electrodes (1st generation) pdfAttachment (2.4 Mb)


D 9.1 Review of recycling processes with directions for Li-S battery recycling pdfAttachment (7.7 Mb)


D 9.2 Modelling and design of recycling process pdfAttachment (1.5 Mb)


D 10.1 Web page pdfAttachment (338 Kb)


D 10.2 Dissemination and communication plan pdfAttachment (186 Kb)



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