Work package leader: WWU

The main objective of this WP focuses on the protection of metallic lithium against continuous degradation due to the formation of an unstable SEI and on the prevention of polysulphide reaction with the metallic lithium. Thus, investigations will be carried out on metallic lithium modifications in order to overcome dendrites formation during cycling as well as to achieve stable cycling with a high Coulombic efficiency. For that purpose, two different approaches will be considered: existing Li+ conducting polymers will serve as a starting point for further development and various inorganic thin layers deposited on lithium by atomic layer deposition (ALD) will be studied for potential application.
Another important objective in this WP is the design of the negative electrode with regards to how an adjusted thickness influences the cycle lifetime. The continued development and scale-up of the ion-selective separator will be developed in the EUROLIS project. Proper loading of the hydrophobic component, tensile strength, porosity permeability and thickness will be adjusted to accommodate the required electrolyte quantities.



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