Work package leader: ACCUREC

Objectives in this WP are dedicated to the recycling processes of Li-S batteries in order to meet European legislative requirements and the economic expectations of industry and consumers. The main focus will be on the EU-directive 66/2006, which defines a minimum Recycling Efficiency of 50 wt.% of the battery.

The sustainable use of material resources requires the recycling of most of the metals contained in the batteries, with a high recovery efficiency, at low energy consumption, and with a minimised environmental impact. This is even more important for Li-S cells since there are no current recycling processes for the newly developed chemistry. The aim of this WP is to design and test a novel technology for the vacuum fractionated distillation of battery metals. Due to the technology used, this process is deemed to generate metal fractions of high purity at a market-orientated processing cost. Further, the work will assess the economic modelling of an up-scaled processing plant and a life cycle assessment (LCA) for the full life cycle of the Li-S batteries.



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